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Dremel 4200 vs 4000 – Which one is the best?

Dremel 4200 vs 4000 – Which one is the best?

If you are experiencing the Dremel 4200 Vs 4000 quandary, not knowing which tool you must buy for your workshop, this post will come to your rescue. We will lay out the differences between the two and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying one over the other.

What is different?

Accessory change system / Chuck Changing system

The accessory change system is where the primary difference between the Dremel 4200 and the Dremel 4000 lies.

The Dremel 4200 uses the EZ Change system. As the name suggests, accessory changing is incredibly easy. All you have to do is pull down a lever on the side of the tool, insert your new accessory into the collet, and release the lever. That’s it! The collet snaps the tool in place. Changing out an accessory on the Dremel 4200 literally takes just 2-3 seconds. Though changing out accessories or the bits is incredibly easy, changing out the collet in the Dremel 4200 is a slightly more tricky process as the EZ change system seems to be designed for accessory or bit change as opposed to collet change.

Changing out accessories in the Dremel 4000 is also quite easy, though not as snappy as in the Dremel 4200. The Dremel 4000 features an EZ Twist Nose Cap that will let you change accessories without using a collet wrench, in about 20 to 30 seconds. To use this system, you need to unscrew the nose cap of the Dremel 4000. Once unscrewed, simply push it up and line it up against the collet and unscrew the collet to loosen it a bit. Once loosened, you will have enough leeway to change out the accessory. To tighten, simply use the nose cap in the opposite direction to tighten the collet. Then, screw the nose cap back in place at the end of the Dremel tool

Kit Variations

As you might know, all Dremel tools come in a variety of kit variations. They are often differentiated in the following manner. Dremel xxxx y/z, with the xxxx denoting Dremel tool model, the y denoting number of attachments and z denoting the number of accessories.

You will find the Dremel 4200 and the Dremel 4000 in the following kit variations.

As you can see, the Dremel 4000 come in more kit variations. Since every kit is priced differently, the extra options with the Dremel 4000 might interest you, especially if the listed accessories perfectly fit your task requirements.


The Dremel 4200 is slightly lighter than the Dremel 4000 at 2.59 lbs. The Dremel 4000 weighs in at 2.86 lbs.

Size of tool

The Dremel 4000 is a handier and smaller tool, with a length of just 6 inches. The 4200 on the other hand is 9 inches in length, with most of the extra length designed to accommodate the EZ Change system.

Cord length

Both the 4000 and the 4200 are corded rotary tools. The 4200 comes with a 7 foot cord while the 4000 comes with a 6 feet cord. If extra cord length is something that is important to you, the Dremel 4200 can have some extra appeal.

The above is all when it comes to difference between Dremel 4000 and 4200. Now, let’s look at the features that they share in common.

Dremel 4000 or 4200 – Common features

Motor and variable speed

Both the tools feature a 120 V 6 amps motor capable of putting out an RPM range between 5,000 and 35,000. Both are variable speed rotary tools in the sense that you can precisely make them work in any RPM between the 5,000 and 35,000 range.

Electronic feedback circuitry

Both the Dremel 4200 and the Dremel 4000 have feedback circuitry enabled into their design. What this essentially means is that they both feature a smart chip that is capable of ramping up RPM to override your RPM setting when necessary. This is required in some circumstances where the Dremel 4200 or the 4000 is not able to give you the RPM that you have set, due to feedback like friction and traction. In such an instance, the circuitry will bump up the RPM so the motor consistently works at the speed that you want it to work at.

Users who have used the Dremel 3000 that does not feature this circuitry have come to appreciate it on both the Dremel 4000 and the 4200. It allows for more precise work, without having to muscle into the tool.

Replaceable Motor brushes

You can replace the motor brushes in both the 4200 and the 4000. This will ensure longevity with your Dremel 4000 and the 4200.

Compatibility with Dremel accessories

All the accessories from the Dremel line will fit on both the Dremel 4200 and the 4000. This is one of the highlights of buying Dremel tools. Since most hobbyists or DIY enthusiasts or artists have more than one Dremel tool, they love the option of being able to switch accessories between various Dremel tools as required.

Now, let’s look at some of the kit options when it comes to both tools.

Dremel 4000 Kit Options

Dremel 4000 2/30

With a circle cutter and sanding guide attachment, you receive 1 carving accessory, 5 cutting accessories, 3 grinding accessories, 4 polishing and cleaning accessories, 15 sanding accessories and 3 miscellaneous accessories in the 401 screw mandrel, the 402 mandrel and a wrench

Dremel 4000 4/34

4 attachments include a multipurpose cutting guide, a sanding guide, a circle cutter and a detailer’s grip. Accessories include 2 carving accessories, 5 cutting accessories, 4 grinding accessories, 8 cleaning accessories, 12 sanding accessories and 5 miscellaneous accessories in the 401 screw mandrel, the 402 mandrel, the EZ 402 EZ Lock mandrel, an EZ Twist nose cap and a wrench.

Dremel 4000 6/50

Six attachments include a flex shaft attachment, a circle cutter, a sanding guide, a multipurpose cutting guide, a lawn mower sharpening tool and a shield. Accessories include the following; 3 carving or engraving accessories, 12 cutting accessories, 5 grinding accessories, 9 cleaning accessories, 15 sanding accessories and 7 miscellaneous accessories that include a 150 1/8th inch drill bit.

Dremel 4200 Kit Options

Dremel 4200 4/36

The 4 attachments are a lawn mower and garden tool sharpener, an A576 sanding guide, a multipurpose cutting kit, an A550 Shield attachment and an adapter + drive coupler for attachments like the 670 and the 575. Accessories include 2 carving accessories, 2 cutting accessories, and 3 grinding accessories, 2 cleaning accessories, 25 sanding accessories and two miscellaneous accessories.

Dremel 4200 6/40

6 attachments include a garden tool sharpener, a circle cutter, a multipurpose cutting kit, a shied attachment, an A576 sanding guide, a detailer grip, and a drive coupler for accessories like the 670 and 575.

Dremel 4200 8/64

This largest kit includes a special deluxe case with a foam lined stay-closed design system that will protect your Dremel 4200 very well. 8 attachments include a flex shaft attachment, a detailer grip, an A550 attachment, a circle cutter, a right angle attachment, a sanding guide and a cutting guide. Also included in the attachment list is a garden tool sharpener, coupling to use the tool with the flex-shaft attachment.

Accessories include 3 carving bits, 6 cutting accessories, 6 grinding bits, 6 cleaning accessories that include 3 pieces of polishing cloth, 39 sanding bits and 4 miscellaneous accessories.

As you can see from the above write up, the most significant difference between the Dremel 4200 and the 4000 is the chuck change system. The 4200 features a lever that you can simply pull down to swap out accessories while the 4000 requires a couple of extra steps that involve the nose cap, but still without the use of a wrench.

The 4000 also has more kit variations that might interest you if you are looking for value for money. Though the 4200 also has kit options, they are a bit on the higher end. The 4000 gives you at least 2 kit options below the $100 mark.

If you are considering the Dremel 4000 and the 4200, you can also probably take a look at the Dremel 4300, the latest in Dremel tools. It obviously comes at a higher price point but features a 3 jaw chuck change system as opposed to the EZ Change in the 4200 and the EZ Twist nose cap in the 4000. The Dremel 4300 also uses a more powerful 1.8 Amps motor that gives you a bit of extra oomph. If the Dremel 4300 is a bit too high priced for you, we will recommend the 4200. But, if you plan to change the collet on the 4200 in addition to changing just the bits, we recommend that you go with the 4000 as the 4200’s collet change doesn’t really work well with the EZ change system. There have been a few complaints with the bits coming loose after a while, if the collet it interchanged often.