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Dremel 4200 Review

Dremel 4200 Review

The Dremel 4200 is a mid-top range rotary saw from the Dremel stables. It features a 1.6 amps motor with an RPM range of 5,000 to 35,000. It features feedback circuitry that will ensure that the motor runs at a speed that is very true to your preferred speed setting, despite feedback friction. To explain that simply, the Dremel 4200 is smart enough to know when the tool is struggling to do the user set 25,000 RPM because of friction and will ramp up RPM to maybe 30,000, to give you true 25,000 RPM performance.

While being very similar to the Dremel 4000, it has a notable improvement in having an EZ Change system as opposed to the EZ Twist nose cap system that is featured on the Dremel 4000 and also the 3000. Even with the Dremel 4000 and the 3000, changing out accessories was quite easy. All you had to do was unscrew the nose cap, push it up to the collet, loosen the collet, insert the accessory, tighten the collet and then screw the nose cap back on. In the Dremel 4200, even this straightforward process is super simplified to a further extent. All you have to do now is just push down on a lever on the side of the tool, swap out your accessory, and release the lever. That’s about it. Your Dremel 4200 with the new accessory is ready to go. Let’s now take a closer look at the other features of the Dremel 4200 in this Dremel 4200 review.

What we really like about the Dremel 4200?

What we don’t really like about the Dremel 4200?

When you look at the Dremel 4200 and its price, you might be in a dilemma as to whether it is worth its price. This will particularly be the case if you are also considering the 4000. Sure, the Dremel 4200 has the EZ Change system that the 4000 doesn’t have. But, what else? Accessories and attachments is where the 4200 has an additional edge over the 4000.

We will go over the accessory and attachment pieces that you get with the Dremel 4200, below.

The Dremel 4200 4/36 Kit (4 attachments and 36 accessories)

4 Attachments

You get a lawn mower sharpener, an A576 sanding guide that is great for edge sharpening and sanding, a 565 multipurpose cutting kit that allows for visible depth cutting and a shied rotary attachment to keep dust and other discharge from affecting your vision.


Included in the 36 piece accessory kit with the Dremel 4200 is a 107 1/8th engraving cutter and a 191 1/8th high speed cutter. The high speed cutter is great for precise cutting of soft materials like plastic, wood and non-ferrous metals.


Included is the EZ456 Metal 1 Cut-Off Wheel with a ½’ size. This is the perfect accessory to cut out rusty nail heads and other tough metal. This will usually last about 5 times longer than the usage you will get out of a fiberglass cutter. Also included as a cutting tool is the 561 cutting spiral bit.

Grinding and sharpening

For grinding, you have an 8193 5/8″ Aluminum Oxide shank that is of industrial grade build. It is the best tool for some heavy duty deburring and grinding. Also included is the 84922 3/16″ Silicon Carbide shank that is great to use to grind and etch ceramics, porcelain or other soft nonferrous metals. This particular shank is the best grinder shank to use for conical surfaces. You also receive a 932 3/8″ Aluminum Oxide grinder shank that you can use to deburr hard materials like even stainless steel. This is an ideal grinder to use for surfaces with a slotted texture. This is a fairly long lasting shank that you can reshape every now and then, to get maximum mileage.

Cleaning and polishing

For cleaning, you can use the very durable 403 Brush Wheel with its long lasting nylon bristles. This brush can double up as a polishing brush for surfaces like hard plastic, aluminum or graphite used in golf clubs, for example. A 1/8th shank in the 428 Carbon Brush Wheel is also included. This is a great accessory for removing stubborn rust. A lot of DIY enthusiasts use this particular brush for cleaning electrical contact points and components.


Dremel knows that their rotary tools are mostly used for sanding and have tried to throw in as many sanding accessories as they possibly can with the Dremel 4200 36 piece kit. Included as sanding accessories are a Drum mandrel with EZ 407 specification, 5 pieces of the 408 ½’ sanding grit, with a 60 grade, 5 pieces of a 432 ½’ sanding grit, with a 120 grade, 5 pieces of 445 ½’ sanding grit with a 240 grade. You also get 3 pieces of coarse grade sanding discs in the EZ 411 discs that you can use to start off rough sanding jobs. This can be followed up with medium coarse sanding with the EZ 412 disc (3 pieces) and finished off with the 3 pieces of fine sanding discs in EZ 413 discs.

If you read through various Dremel 4200 reviews, you will notice that people love the Dremel 4200 for the ease with which it allows them to change accessories. Accessory changes literally takes about 2-3 seconds. DIY builders, artists and hobbyists all love the EZ change feature on the Dremel 4200 as their work requires the use of many accessories, interchangeably used.

And, when you add in all the individual costs of the 36 accessories and the 4 attachments that are provided in the basic kit, there’s pretty amazing value. All Dremel tools are backed up by their 2 year warranty and their customer service is exemplary. They will go out of their way to explain how you can fix problems, buy parts that will do the job you are looking for or help you out with returns, repairs or refunds.

If you have already decided to buy a Dremel tool and are just deciding between the Dremel 4200 and the Dremel 4000 or even the Dremel 3000, we will tell you that the Dremel 4200 is well worth the extra bucks. In fact, when you itemize the cost of the many accessories you get with the 4200’s 36 piece accessory kit, the EZ Change feature on the 4200 is pretty much free or with a very insignificant cost.