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Dremel 4000 Review

Dremel 4000 Review

A successor to the Dremel 3000 and the predecessor to Dremel 4200, the Dremel 4000 is a fantastic middle of the line rotary tool kit from Dremel. The Dremel 4000 is available in 4/34 (4 attachments, 34 accessories), 2/30, 3/34 and 6/50 kits, at various price points. This Dremel 4000 review will give you as much detail on the Dremel 4000, allowing you to make an informed choice on whether or not to purchase one.

Let’s first get the basic specs out of the way.

As with anything Dremel, the Dremel 4000 screams quality. The rotary tool comes with a 360 degree grip zone that allows you to hold the tool like a pen, like a screwdriver or even with both hands, giving you maximum ergonomic comfort in all those positions. The construction uses a soft but rugged rubber that minimizes vibration.

The Dremel 4000 uses a 1.6 amps motor that is shared by the higher end 4200 series as well. You get an RPM range of 5,000 to 35,000, with electronic feedback control. What electronic feedback control means is that Dremel 4000 has circuitry that will allow the motor to ramp up or ramp down to give you a true RPM speed that is as close to what you have set on the Dremel 4000. To explain this with an example you can relate to, let’s say you are trying to burr down a metal pipe. The pipe’s end is really rough and you set RPM at 30,000 RPM. With an ordinary tool, you will notice that the tool struggles to give you 30,000 RPM because of all the friction caused by the rough tool pipe. With the Dremel 4000, the circuitry will sense the struggle and increase RPM to the max 35,000 RPM, so you get as close to the 30,000 RPM that you originally wanted.

The Dremel 4000 uses an EZ Twist Nose Cap that will allow you to change accessories without having to use a collet wrench. To change an accessory, you can loosen the collet by unscrewing the nose cap of the 4000. You can then push it up and use the locking mechanism it has on the collet to loosen and then tighten the collet, after you have swapped accessories. Once done, you screw the nose cap back in place and your accessory change is done. Read through any number of Dremel 4000 reviews and you will see that this is one feature that is really liked by all who hate using a collet wrench.

With good practice, an accessory change using the EZ Twist nose cap will take all of about 30 seconds.

What we really like about the Dremel 4000?

What we don’t really like about this Rotary tool?

The Dremel 4000 comes with a basic kit that features 2 attachments and 30 accessories. Let’s take a closer look at what you get in the basic kit.


2 Attachments

You get a circle cutter guide that also doubles up as a straight edge cutting guide and also a sanding and grinding guide.

Carving and engraving

You only get one accessory for carving and engraving and it is the 191 high speed cutter. This 1/8’ high speed cutter is great for soft materials like wood and plastic. It can also be used on soft metals and can be used for tasks such as grooving, shaping, and for laying holes on soft surfaces.


For cutting, you get a couple of the rugged 420 cut wheels that will easily cut through bolts and nails and screws. It uses an industrial grade abrasive that does a fantastic job at cutting. You also get a couple of 426 fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel accessories that can be used to cut, groove or trim non-ferrous metals, wood or plastic. Also included is a Dremel 561 multipurpose cutting bit that can cut through aluminum, drywall, fiberglass or plastic and other soft materials. Do keep in mind that this drill bit should not be used at RPMs higher than 30,000.

Grinding and Sharpening

Included are a 541 aluminum oxide grinding wheel that features industrial grade abrasive. Also in the kit is an 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone that can be used to deburr very hard surfaces. The silicon carbine grinding stone can also be used to grind ceramics, porcelain and gemstones of various kinds. Dremel also throws in an aluminum oxide grade grinding stone in the 932 aluminum oxide grinding stone that can be used to deburr curved surfaces. This is another accessory not to be used in RPMs that exceed 30,000.

Cleaning and Polishing

Dremel gives you a very reliable 428 carbon steel brush that you can use to powerfully clean metal surfaces. For other polishing needs, there is 414 polishing wheel that is ideal to take surfaces from a semi-fine finish to a fine finish. This wheel is particularly effective when used with the 421 polishing compound from Dremel, also included as part of the cleaning kit. Lastly, Dremel also includes the 429 polishing wheel that is ideal for polishing metals and plastics.


As with any rotary tool kits, you will find most accessories in the sanding department. Included in the 2/30 kit are a 407 sanding drum, a 408 sanding drum with ½ 60 grit bands (2), 432 ½ 120 grit sanding bands (2), 445 240 grit sanding bands (2), 3 pieces of the 411 ¾’ 180 grit sanding discs, 3 pieces of 412 200 grit sanding discs and 2 pieces of 413 240 grit sanding discs.

Dremel also throws in miscellaneous accessories like a wrench, a 402 mandrel and a 401 screw mandrel.

If you are used to the Dremel 3000 and want a new tool to maybe replace the 3000, the 4000 is a fantastic choice as it has a couple of neat features that the 3000 doesn’t have. First, the 4000 features electronic feedback control that delivers consistent speeds. The 4000 also has a separate on off speed control switch that the 3000 doesn’t have.

We think the 4000 is the best tool to buy if you want something more recent than the 3000 but don’t want to shell out the extra bucks for the pricier 4200.