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Dremel 3000 Review

Dremel 3000 Review

The Dremel 3000 is a very competitively priced corded (power cord is about 6.5 feet long) variable speed rotary tool from the Dremel stables. Amongst its prominent features are an EZ twist nose cap that will allow for quick change of accessories, without really interrupting the flow of your work. If you have worked with a lot of rotary tools, you know how frustrating it is to stop, get a collet wrench, loosen the collet and then change and tighten back a new accessory. Well, with the Dremel 300, all it takes is a few seconds to swap out accessories and tighten the collet bolt.

This rotary tool comes with 2 attachments in grinding/sanding and cutting guides. The good quality hard case box will also come with 28 useful accessories, making this a great value rotary tool for the price it is offered at. We will take a closer look at the features of this tool in this Dremel 3000 review post.

What we really like about the Dremel 3000?

What we don’t really like about the Dremel 300?

Dremel always does a great job of bundling its tools with accessories and the Dremel 3000 is no different. This particular model comes with 28 accessories. They are as follows; 3 carving/ engraving accessories, 3 cutting accessories, 4 grinding and sharpening tools, 8 cleaning and polishing tools and 6 sanding accessories. The rest are miscellaneous accessories like screw mandrels and a common wrench.

Here’s a quick sum up of all the accessories that you get with tool.

Carving and engraving

Whether you need to engrave on soft or hard surfaces, the Dremel 3000 with the right attachment can easily do the job. While the 107 engraving accessory, 191 speed cutter and the 7144 diamond wheel point that come with the tool are more than enough for soft surfaces, you will want to upgrade to a tungsten carbide grade cutter for working on harder elements like stainless steel.

The 107 cutter can be used for engraving wood, fiberglass and other soft materials while the 191 high speed cutter can be used for more heavy duty jobs on soft materials. Also, the kit includes a 7144 diamond cutter that is great for detail work, like the kind you require when you are adding finishing touches to your craftsmanship.


You get two 426 fiberglass-reinforced cut off wheels with the Dremel 3000. These are good enough for cutting metal and even hardened steel. You are going to require a lot more than just 2 x 426 cutters if you need a lot of cutting but the two out of the box cutters will fulfill your need if you only need the occasional and light cutting.  The 561 multi-purpose drilling bit will let you use your Dremel 300 as a rotary saw. You can easily and cleanly cut through fiberglass boards, drywalls and even vinyl siding. The bit has a steel shank that measures in at 1/8th of an inch.

Grinding and Sharpening

The 84922 silicon carbide grinding stone does a fantastic job of grinding down glass, ceramic materials and most other metals of the non-ferrous kind. It is a very commonly used grinder in jewelry shops. The shape of this grinding accessory is especially meant to cater to flat surfaces or surfaces with a conical edge. The kit also includes the 932 grinding stone, the 952 grinding stone and the 953 grinding stone. The 953 grinding stone with its aluminum oxide finish is made out of industrial quality abrasive finish that is fantastic for deburring and heavy grinding. Though it can’t be used on ferrous metals, it can do more than what the other grinding stones without an oxide finish can do.

Cleaning & Polishing

You get a basic nylon brush that you can use to start up your work, quickly cleaning or roughly sanding surfaces. After nylon cleaning, you have the 428 steel brush that you can use for deeper cleaning. Once done with cleaning, you have the 414 polishing wheel that you can use with the 421 polishing paste that comes in the kit. This kit also includes a couple of 429 polishing wheels that come with a semi-abrasive finish. The 429 can be used on gemstones, glass and also ceramics and ferrous metals.


The 407 ½’ sanding drum is a versatile base upon which you can use various sanding bands to achieve different levels of fineness. The bands can be added or removed very easily, after simply loosening the screw on the sanding drum. Tightening or loosening the screw contracts or expands the band to make it snugly fit the band. You get a few sanding bands with different grits in the kit; a 60 grit band, a 120 grit band and a very fine 240 grit band.

How does the EZ Twist work?

As mentioned earlier in this Dremel 3000 review, you don’t need a collet wrench for this tool. The tool comes with a built in EZ Twist spanner in the form of a removable nose cap. Unscrew the nose cap and line it up with the collet nut and simply twist to tighten. It is a nice little feature when you are focused on a job and need to swap out to an accessory that will require collet tightening, without having to clumsy around while looking for a spanner. By the way, the kit also comes with a spanner should you need it.


You can read through as many Dremel 3000 reviews as you wish and you will see that they all come to the same conclusion. With a variable speed selector that lets you choose between 5,000 and 32,000 RPM and fantastic holding ergonomics, the 3000 is a drill that will serve you a lifetime if you take good care of it. The 1.2 amps motor is very durable, just like all Dremel motors. The 28 accessory starter kit give you just about any accessory that you need to get started with a rotary tool.

If you need a rotary saw that will take care of most carving, cleaning, etching, grinding, sanding and cutting tasks, the 3000 is one capable tool. And with anything Dremel, you can expand the 3000’s functionality many times over by purchasing the thousands of compatible accessories that are sold by Dremel.