Best Dremel Tools

Best dremel for jewelry making in 2017

Best dremel for jewelry making in 2017

All products from the jewelry Dremel stables are fantastic products. Regardless of what you pick up from Dremel, chances are that you can eventually make it work to satisfy all your jewelry making needs. That said however, when you have the power to choose, why not go all out and choose the best Dremel for jewelry making that you possibly can?

This post will introduce you to various Dremel tools for jewelry making so you can make an informed choice for a tool that will last you a long time, helping you create great jewelry. As you will see, it is a mostly subjective decision that will vary from person to person. Without much further fuss, let’s get right into it.

Corded or cordless?

First, you must make up your mind on whether you need a corded or cordless tool for jewelry making. If you need a cordless drill, you can skip the first two suggestions and go straight to the end of the page where will introduce you to a couple of popular cordless Dremel drills for jewelry making. If you are open to cord or cordless, you can read through all of the drills discussed below. Cordless drills are great for tangle free work. But, you must remember that battery on a cordless drill cannot handle a lot of heavy duty work, at least not without recharging or requiring a battery swap.

Best corded Rotary tools for Jewelry 

Dremel 200 Two Speed Rotary Tool

The Dremel 200 is an entry level priced rotary tool with solid build quality. Though it doesn’t have the rubberized comfort feel that Dremel’s more expensive tools boast of, the lighter weight can make this tool quite comfortable in your hands, when working on designing intricate jewelry items.

The 1.15 amps motor puts out a very strong RPM range of 15,000 to 35,000 RPM. However, please note that you don’t have variable speed control. You just have a low RPM and high RPM setting which means you can only toggle between 15,000 and 35,000. The low speed setting is ideal for careful cleaning while the high speed setting is ideal for more finesse based work.

Artists have successfully used this tools for engraving, for cutting metal and very commonly for polishing various jewelry pieces. If your jewelry making primarily constitutes of sanding, polishing and just a little bit of sharpening and grinding, this tool can be a great choice. The accessory kit that comes with the drill will give you several hours of polishing and sanding before you have to go out and buy more parts.

The accessory changing process is a bit of tedious one as it doesn’t feature the EZ Twist feature that you will see in the Dremel 4000, 4200 and 4300. But, you can work around this drawback by buying a Dremel keyless chuck that will eliminate the need for the drill’s default collet and wrench tightening and loosening.

As a quick conclusion, we can recommend this Dremel drill for jewelry making if you are looking for a rotary tool that will help you polish, clean and sand, more than anything else. If a lot of cutting is going to be involved, you may consider the more powerful options listed below.

Dremel 4300 with 5 attachments and 50 accessories

The Dremel 4300 is an impressive rotary saw with many prominent features. First off, the three jaw chuck allows you to quickly change accessories without having to fiddle around with a collet. What makes this tool especially good for jewelry making is that it comes with a pivot light that beams out focused light on your intricate jewelry project, so you have the maximum attention to detail possible, while working.

The 4300 has a very slim feel to it, meaning that it is comfortable to hold in all positions, reducing holder fatigue quite considerably. This is something that might appeal to you if your jewelry making requires long hours of intricate work.

The variable speed control on this tool is excellent as it features circuitry based feedback control that delivers the most consistent speeds that match your RPM setting. In other words, if you are working on ceramic jewelry and usually find your rotary saw’s motor back off a little for those tough grinding jobs, you won’t experience that problem with the Dremel 4300. This is because the feedback circuitry will sense the added pressure your sanding job is creating and will automatically increase your motor’s RPM, to compensate for loss of RPM due to friction and pressure.

Included in the accessories is a shield that will prevent debris and sparks from affecting your field of vision, giving you a better chance of doing great work on your jewelry.

If your jewelry making requires a lot of finesse, the 4300 can serve your every need. From cutting down rough metal to helping you polish off precious stones, the 4300 can do it all. The extensive accessory list means that this tool can do everything you want it to do in your jewelry studio, without buying any additional accessories.

For very intricate work, you can buy and attach a flex shaft attachment that will give you a pencil like saw that you can use carefully.

Dremel 4000 with 34 accessories

Unlike the Dremel 4300 that uses a 3 jaw chuck collet that can accommodate all high performance Dremel accessories, the Dremel 4000 uses an EZ Twist collet system that can take on fewer accessories. But, even so, just the 34 accessories that you get right out of the box might be more than enough for your jewelry making needs.

You still get the variable speed control, the consistent speed feature and a very powerful motor. It obviously costs a lot less than the 4300 and makes for a fantastic choice as a corded jewelry making tool.

Dremel 9100 with 21 accessories

The Dremel 9100 Forti-Flex is a very high powered rotary tool that comes with a foot pedal for speed adjustment. It can easily be said that this is the best rotary tool for jewelry making. This is a particularly good fit for your jewelry making projects if you need both hands to work on your tool, with a lot of continuous speed variation changes while you work. Since the pressure on your foot will control RPM all the way from 0 to 23,000, you have immense control over what the tool does. Once you have mastered the foot pedal, no other Dremel tool for jewelry making can give you the level of control that this drill can.

The hand piece and flexible shaft don’t generate heat and runs very quietly. The three jaw chuck assembly expands the horizon when it comes to accessory choices as this model can accommodate accessories with a shank even up to 5/32 of an inch. Now, that’s a lot of choices! This is a tool that is used for some very expensive jewelry making, where precision is of utmost importance.

Best cordless Dremel tools for Jewelry Making

Dremel 8220 with 28 accessories

The Dremel 8220 is the top of the line or the best cordless rotary saw for jewelry making. The Lithium battery can be fully charged up in just one hour and can hold charge for a period of almost 2 years! If you need a cordless saw that won’t lose power quickly, this top of the line model is something you can consider.

Dremel claims that the 8220 lasts up to 33% longer than the 8200 cordless drill. So, if battery life is very important to you, it makes sense to shell out a little more for the 8220, to get that extra juice.

The tool features an EZ Twist nose cap that you can unscrew to tighten the collet and then screw back onto the tool, without having to remove anything. Though the battery is very powerful, extended use will mean that the battery will eventually lose power and result in lower RPMs than what you want it to work at. This is why it makes sense to buy the Dremel 8220 in the 2 battery kit option. It will obviously cost more, but the price might be well worth it, especially if you are going to be ending up buying an additional battery anyways.

Dremel 8050 with 18 accessories

The 8050 is a midrange cordless rotary saw for jewelry making, from Dremel. It features an 8 V battery that obviously won’t last as long as the top end 12 V 8220 battery. But, for the price, it can be a great drill as this also uses a Lithium battery with no memory effects. Though it doesn’t feature a focus light as powerful as what you will see on the 8220, you still get a smart LED light that will illuminate your jewelry pieces well. This drill comes with a neat little docking station that will continuously charge your drill.

It is also a very slim tool, allowing you to hold it like how you would hold a fat pen. It is much smaller in size to the 8220 tool.

The drawback however is that changing accessories will require you to use a wrench. This can be a little cumbersome if you are the kind that likes to quickly shift between accessories to do a lot of different detailing on your jewelry project. The smaller battery also means that you will have to recharge a little more often than you like. But, you can probably get around that problem by placing this drill in the neat docking station when you put it down for a few minutes, so it always gets a little juice going in, even while you actively work.

Now that you know what the best corded, cordless and foot controlled drills or rotary saws for jewelry making are, you can make an informed decision based on your needs. If you need high power and high precision, the Forti-Flex is an obvious choice. However, if all you need is a polisher that can maybe do some grinding as well, even the Dremel 200 can well serve your purpose. But, remember that a rotary saw has a lot of other uses around the house. So, it won’t hurt to buy a model with other applications in mind as well. After all, any of the Dremel products with their 2 year warranties are a solid investment that will last you a very long time.